Octopus Art Installation

-- Art Direction | Graphic Design --


During my time at CPG Agency, the creative space has improved significantly with the addition of new equipment, desks, plants, etc. but no pretty flourishes could mask the one ugly blank canvas we had to stare at every day. I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to transform the wall into something that not only elevates the area, but represents our entire workspace. The creative area is a shared space within our office–it is utilized by our sister companies as well. Together we form the Nitrous Effect, a collective of 7 creative agencies.

The octopus represents our 7 specializations, in addition to the power of the Nitrous Effect, coming together to create something bigger than ourselves. An octopus is highly-intelligent and has been coveted to represent creativity throughout time, so it serves as the perfect visual metaphor for our space. The copy, 'Venture Outward' also reinforces our efforts to push our creative boundaries personally, as well as reaching beyond ourselves to get input from our fellow thought-leaders the Nitrous Effect fosters.



Before_Office Space.jpg


Octopus 2.jpg
Octopus Collage.jpg