Meeting a girl like Meghan is a surreal experience. I can't remember when or why we started following each other on social media but I've enjoyed 'getting to know' her bright, beautiful life through Instagram's little squares. Occasionally we'd throw around the idea of meeting up, and I'm so glad we finally made it happen!

Recently I received my first portrait lens (hello fuzzy focus finally!!) and was over-the-moon anxious to try it out. After great deliberation, I worked up the courage to finally reach out to Meghan to see if she would be willing to be swap photos to help me practice with my new lens. To my surprise - and delight - she said yes!

Meeting a stranger in real live you've 'met' online could be an awkward, nerve-wracking experience, but Meghan? She has a presence about her that puts you at ease. She's easy to talk to, genuine and every bit at as relatable as she is online. We exchanged work experiences, photography tips and just general life stories before we started shooting, and that's when she really lit up!

Behind the camera, Meghan is confident and thoughtful. It was a joy watching her do her thing. She knew exactly where we snap a few shots based on the angle of the sun and the direction of the wind – you can't really tell from the photos but we went exploring on the WINDIEST day I have ever experience in St. Louis! Long story not short, Meghan is a force of nature as strong as the wind and I'm sure you can feel it in the photos!

MeghanF-18 copy.jpg