Connect Newsletter

-- Editorial Design | Infographics
| Art Direction --


CPG agency issues an in-depth magazine-style newsletter once a year. Given only copy and a page outline, I was entrusted to take bare bones content and bring it to life to engage their Fortune 500 clients and prospects.

I built upon a graphic look that was established by the previous year's issue, but greatly expanded upon graphic treatments and the way the information is presented. All page layouts, graphics, and colors were completely free-reign which made this a blast to bring together! 

Connect Newsletter_Mockup 2.jpg
Connect Newsletter_Mockup 5.jpg
Connect Newsletter_Mockup 1.jpg

Properly Done

-- Visual Identity | Branding --


Properly Done is a real estates agent's best resource between list and close by enabling agents to provide full service to their clients. Before anyone signs the dotted line on the house of their dreams, Properly Done comes in to help agents with staging, landscaping and minor remodels. Spearheaded by a fabulously proper Briton, the brand we developed together reflects her sophisticated style and services. 

Properly Done_Business Card Mockup.jpg


-- Branding | Marketing | Photography | Volunteer Coordination --


Bradley SERVE (commonly shortened to “SERVE”) is a student-led volunteer and leadership organization at Bradley University. The group primarily plans, coordinates, and hosts a monthly program called Service on Saturday, in which students sign up to participate in volunteer projects at various sites throughout the greater Peoria community.

When I joined SERVE during my freshman year, we were nothing more than a teal color and a temporary logo. Over my next three years at Bradley University I led a movement to establish a defined visual brand to increase name recognition on campus. This ambitious goal meant carefully crafting every piece of visual communication we distributed.

Today SERVE is one of the most recognizable student groups on Bradley’s campus. The Service on Saturday program now hosts around 200 student volunteers each month, a huge growth since its inception with 76 participants. Bradley University has even made it requirement for every student to attend at least one Service on Saturday.


Aha Women's Speaker Series

-- Visual Identity | Branding | Art Direction -- 


Aha is an emerging organization that facilitates life’s Aha Moments. Their inaugural event was a women's speaker series in which speakers share stories of epiphanies and realizations, inspiring attendees with moments that move, motivate and inspire action. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 11.01.01 PM.png

Les Jolies Choses Pâtisserie

-- Visual Identity | Branding --


Native St. Louisans take great pride in their city. Though it is a large city, the friendly inhabitants give St. Louis a small town charm. St. Louisans are big supporters of small business and enjoy celebrating their city’s unique hidden gems. Les Jolies Choses is the newest (fictional) gem in town. 

This small pâtisserie celebrates St. Louis’ historic French roots by offering visitors authentic French sweets and even a few popular bakery items, such as croissants and baguettes. What makes Les Jolies Choses unique is it’s menu selection, intimate atmosphere, and little details. For example each customer receives a warm “merci” and a pink rose with every order — a subtle nod to the City of Love.


Octopus Art Installation

-- Art Direction | Graphic Design --


During my time at CPG Agency, the creative space has improved significantly with the addition of new equipment, desks, plants, etc. but no pretty flourishes could mask the one ugly blank canvas we had to stare at every day. I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to transform the wall into something that not only elevates the area, but represents our entire workspace. The creative area is a shared space within our office–it is utilized by our sister companies as well. Together we form the Nitrous Effect, a collective of 7 creative agencies.

The octopus represents our 7 specializations, in addition to the power of the Nitrous Effect, coming together to create something bigger than ourselves. An octopus is highly-intelligent and has been coveted to represent creativity throughout time, so it serves as the perfect visual metaphor for our space. The copy, 'Venture Outward' also reinforces our efforts to push our creative boundaries personally, as well as reaching beyond ourselves to get input from our fellow thought-leaders the Nitrous Effect fosters.



Before_Office Space.jpg


Octopus 2.jpg
Octopus Collage.jpg
Octopus Thumbnail.jpg


-- Graphic Design --


A smattering of miscellaneous logos I’ve created.

STLCW Logo.png

Lunar Launch Arcade: WIP

-- Visual Identity --


Lunar Launch Arcade is a personal project collaboration with my boyfriend. We both love playing arcade games, I live for design, and he likes to build things with his hands. Oh and his last name is Luna. Thus, the Lunar Launch Arcade was formed!

This project is currently a work in progress–check back later to see how it turns out!

Lunar Launch Logo.jpg

Check back later to see the finished product!

Lunar Launch Logo.jpg

Vidzu Media Print Ad

-- Art Direction | Graphic Design --


The challenge of designing a print ad for a video production company is apparent–anything will look stactic compared to the beautiful moving videos they create. To counter this, I incorporated the billowing smoke graphic (used to brand the Nitrous Effect, the collaborative of agencies Vidzu Media is a part of) into a dynamic multi-layed graphic of color and eye-catching text. These layers create interest and movement of the eye, in a way simulating the motion of a video, and the Nitrous Effect graphic is inherently active as well. The result was an eye-catching piece that the client loved and continues to display in their office years later.

Vidzu Ad 1.jpg
Vidzu Ad 2.jpg
Vidzu Ad 1 copy.jpg

Ashley + Stephon

-- Graphic Design--


A simple 5x7 invitation suite for a winter burlap and lace wedding.

Invitation Mockup.jpg
Invitation Thumbnail.jpg

Stormy + Keegan

-- graphic design --


An invitation suite for a modern winter wedding with an art deco flair.

Stormy Wedding Mockup.jpg

Smart St. Louis

-- Graphic Design --


SMART is a network of residential air conditioning & heating contractors in the St. Louis metro area. From time to time I make various marketing pieces for them including flyers, newspaper ads, social media posts, and business cards.

SMART Tablecloth Mockup.jpg
SMART Launch Flyer Mockup.jpg

LifeBridge Partnership

-- Branding | Marketing | Photography --


LifeBridge Partnership, formally St. Louis Society, tapped an agency for help renaming their organization to better reflect their services. The agency designed a new logo, but countless pieces of existing collateral became instantly obsolete with the change. I was brought in to develop the very beginning of the new brand and translate it onto countless pieces of promotional and marketing materials.

During this process I revamped the company newsletter, implemented a new brand color palette, served as event photographer and, most importantly, trained employees on how to use the templates and design elements I established to continue consistent branding after my departure.

LifeBridge Partnership Logo.png
LifeBridge Partnership Color Palette.png

Photos used in the materials below were existing assets

Trifold Brochure Lifebridge.jpg
LifeBridge_Postcard Mockup.jpg
Trifold Brochure Lifebridge3.jpg
Trifold Brochure Lifebridge2.jpg
LifeBridge Partnership Thank You.jpg
Trifold Brochure Lifebridge.jpg