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How you spend your free time says a lot about you. I spend mine designing.

My journey into design began when my Nana gave me a copy of Photoshop in middle school. I self-taught myself how to manipulate photo collages, and man did I think I was cool. 

But my first real foray into graphic design was during my senior year of high school when one of my dear friends convinced me to join Yearbook staff. Since then, I've grown up on grid-based designs and beautiful spreads, but I've never lost sight of my photo-editing roots (although admittedly I'm much better now).


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Hardly a weekend passes
without an estate or
garage sale

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I'm talking Ariel everything,
all day every day

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My goal in life is to be
Southwest's #1 customer

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The Office
Bears. Beats.
Battlestar Galactica.

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The serving size says 27 crackers,
but that's per minute right?